Model for one day!!!

Hello Coffeegirls!!! Look, look…here I am Marta Vives, image consultant and personal shopper Vives Barcelona. Last september 2014 we went on a Trends for the Fall-Winter 2014-2015 fashion trip. She gave every girl a personalized description of the kinds of clothing and accessories that would suit her best. Many thanks Marta for your friendliness and […]
By : coffeewoman | Feb 23, 2015

I’m still an unmarried woman but so what?

Speaking from a COFFEEWOMAN standpoint I want to share with you my personal  experience of being an unmarried 42 year old female  who’s not had a stable relationship for five years, yet has the occasional fling with a good friend who has been given what one might call “bedding rights”. It would appear that in […]
By : coffeewoman | Dec 19, 2014

Opening of new premises for Coffeewoman Workshops in 2015

We held our first COFFEEWOMAN breakfast in the new premises where we will hold our 2015 workshops. It is in fact the Barcelona Best Buddies Foundation meeting centre,  a group we have mentioned in a previous post. COFFEEWOMAN workshops will be open to Best Buddies volunteers and members.   On Saturday many of those who […]
By : coffeewoman | Nov 22, 2014



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Verónica Soto

Coach y periodista

Vivi Million

Bailarina y organizadora de eventos en Ooltra Events.

Sandra Muñoz

Terapeuta de parejas.

    Daniela Brugués

    Psicología y terapias complementarias.

    Daniela Bermejo

    Psicología positiva e inteligencia emocional

    Azahara Sus

    Terapeuta y coach experta en Procesos para Salir del Estancamiento y Gestión de Vida

    Amine Ishtay Leonet

    Periodista y nutricionista

    Benjo Podlech

    Psicólogo y coach

    Susana Serna

    Coach e ingeniera.


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    Somos una asociación cohesionada y eficaz que contribuye a hacer realidad la participación de las mujeres de diferentes culturas y situaciones sociales.



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