I’m still an unmarried woman but so what?


Speaking from a COFFEEWOMAN standpoint I want to share with you my personal  experience of being an unmarried 42 year old female  who’s not had a stable relationship for five years, yet has the occasional fling with a good friend who has been given what one might call «bedding rights».

It would appear that in the last few years the term: unattached «single», used to describe our status is somewhat misunderstood or even undervalued.

We are women: and some of us are married, some of us are unattached, and some of us have a partner.

Our tendency is to over label everything and everybody in this world. But I am not going to fall into this trap, ladies. I believe in reinventing myself and accept my newly acquired civil status of «spinster». You see, long ago I gave up believing in the Handsome Prince who is going to sweep me off my feet. But I still believe that one day I will meet Mr Right, my kind of Man with a capital M who physically matches my vision of perfection. That’s right, ladies, every one of us has her own preference and particular style, and appreciates the male for his brawn and brain.

So..from now on until HE appears I’m going to keep on enjoying the love that my family, friends, and cat ONIX shower me with. Because you know, all this love, and I don’t just mean romantic love, adds up to more than fifteen different kinds of love according to Wikipediea.

No matter whether that number is 15, 10 or just 1 when romantic love turns up  it is wonderful. No matter whether the man stays by your side for the rest of your life or not. But in the meantime, until that happens I am going to keep on with my life, following my goals, with my friends, mother, sisters close by my side and a very important group of beautiful ladies: Coffeewomen!

Pleasant dreams, ladies..

Laia ( from COFFEEWOMAN)

Picture from my friend Mario Chocron, Photographer/Fashion Stylist, web: http://www.mariochocron.com

and make-up from my friend Marta Alvarez, professional make-up

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