Burlesque is a term given to a funny and sexy cabaret dance style popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Since sensuality and stylish elegance are inherent in this dance, this course will help youshake off any inhibitions, discover your own femininity, increase your self esteem, and overall feel more sexy. All this will lead to a better relationship with your partner and let you feel you are doing something good for yourself.


As a group of women you are going to enjoy learning some seduction techniques to win over the guy that you love so much, both in real life and in the virtual world (Singles web site such as: Adopt a guy.com, Meetic, etc…) After the workshop you will take part in a » real» practice of what you have learned in the workshop. You will go to a place to have a drink, dance and put into practice the techniques acquired.
What is unique and special about this activity?
The workshop is led by Laia Tarragó (psychologist) who has trained in the feminine world, in social networks, webs to meet new friends, singles, etc…She has been trained in seduction techniques in the United Kingdom working with Mathew Hussey, a coach who works specifically with women. He has coached Cristina Aguilera and Eva Longoria.


What does the price include?

  • The training in seduction techniques to help you communicate better with the man you like.
  • The professional and personal experience in the subject of coach/psychologist Laia Tarragó.
  • Refreshments including homemade snacks,cakes, coffee and tea.

All this in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere, where you can meet women who have interests similar to your own.
Price: 20 euros, snack included.